Friday, November 14, 2008

Bubble Gum Soda

The Hubba Bubba soda, of course, is from the 80's, and can therefore be excused as another wacky relic of a mentally damaged decade. Although I do think the diet option was a nice touch, if you're concerned about your figure, but just can't resist the gum-flavored refreshment of Hubba Bubba.

No, what worries me is the Shasta, which I picked up just this year, albeit at a Pamida, something else I thought disappeared in the 80's.

Shasta has appeared with this drink to fill a need which does not exist. Two, actually. The first, for pop that tastes exactly like bubble gum, which we've been over, and the second, tiny little cans. Why? Who do you know out there that simply cannot handle a full 16oz of pop? I'm seeing 7up and Coke doing this now too, and it worries me. Has there been a gigantic upswing in the midget population lately? Does Coke know something we don't? Are they trying to get on the midgets' good side before the revolution?

These are the things that worry me late at night. But in summary: bubble gum has no business coming in liquid form, and in this I also include fluoride flavors that you get at the dentist's. Everyone asked for the bubble gum one time, and then spent the next 20 minutes sorely regretting it. Gah.

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